AboutMe - Joomla CB Plugin

Plugin Cb About me Tab is the joomla cb plugin, which can help you to manage your own details at Cb system , you need to upload your details and other user can see your details at your profile , that it is
Price : Free

Framework Joomla Version 1.0
Compatibility 1.5

Plugin Cb About me Tabis stand alone script , It is a tab plugin developed for use with the Joomla (CMS) and CB and CB PROFILER requires:

System Requirements:

  • Joomla! content management system - 1.5 (older versions may work, but have not been tested)
  • MySQL database - tested on servers running versions 3.23.54 - 4.1.13
  • PHP scripting support - tested on servers running versions 4.2.2 - 5.0.4
  • Apache 1.3 or higher